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Cawffee Tawk

Jul 17, 2019

Born in North Philadelphia, @Jeff Bradshaw is known as a soul-jazz and hip-hop/funk innovator. Coming up in and out of the Philadelphia Soul Movement, he has performed along some of the music industry’s greats. He performs at the City Winery Chicago on July 22. 

Jul 17, 2019

Marqueal Jordan is a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. His indelible talent is a virtual emporium of musical genres that encompasses R&B, Soul, Jazz, Hip Hop and Pop. Each magnetic performance embodies the foundation that music is built upon, and also delivers the energy to captivate. Marqueal is performing at the...

Jul 15, 2019

Packy Lundholm is a Chicago-based multi-instrumentalist, producer, and singer/songwriter. His latest record American Soccer is primarily a power pop affair, with a serving of jammy Americana and folk balladry thrown into the mix. Packy's sonic palette runs the gamut from brash Britpop fuzz guitars to New Orleans...

Jul 14, 2019

We are pleased to present the first episode of our new #podcast series, Coffee Cup Classics. We feature #interviews and our work in #classical #music. Today we have the Brahms Piano Concerto No. 2 performed by Susan Merdinger with a very special introduction by Larry Block.

Jul 8, 2019

Ax and the Hatchetmen are taking the area by storm! This band of Highschoolers is making its mark with fantastic original music! Get to know them here and listen to some of their original tunes!